Neurofeedback Therapy Providing the brain an opportunity
to train itself differently.
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Tacit Knowledge Couples Counselling Homepage Slider Image Make An Appointment Helping You Understand
Each Other Better
Couples Counselling
Individual Counselling Your Mental Health Is
Always Important
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Parenting Education Sometimes Everyone Needs A Little
Help With Their Kids
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Youth Counselling Sometimes Young Adults Feel More Comfortable
Speaking To Someone Other Than A Parent
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Family Therapy When Providing Comfort Just
Doesn't Seem Enough
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First Responder Therapy Your Mental Health Is As Important
As Your Physical Condition
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Welcome To Tacit Knowledge

How Counselling Works

There is usually a lot a client needs to share about themselves or their situation when they first begin the counselling process. As a result, most clients begin by attending sessions on a fairly regular basis. The first few sessions allow the therapist to truly get to know the client well.
Neurofeedback Therapy/Brain Training

Neurofeedback Therapy/Brain Training

Dynamical Neurofeedback® Therapy/Training (NFT) is a non-invasive procedure which provides the brain with an opportunity to train itself...

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Individual Counselling and Therapy Services

Individual Counselling and Therapy Services

Counselling is a supportive, helping process which assists people of all ages and backgrounds with the various issues that present challenges. 

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Professional Development/Training

Professional Development/Training

We provide Professional Development Training to various agencies and organizations, helping staff enhance the skills used on a daily basis.

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Workshops/Group Programs

Workshops/Group Programs

Our professional development workshops are available during week days and on weekends, depending upon the need.

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What We Address

Counselling Services

  • Work Related Stress
  • Self Care
  • Eating Disorders
  • Healthy Communication
  • Intimacy and Fidelity
  • Generalized Anxiety
  • Trauma/Abuse/PTSD
  • Specific Anxiety Disorders
  • Depression
  • Suicide Ideation
  • Anger Management
  • Grief and Loss
  • Separation and Divorce
  • Trust (in One's Self and In Others)
  • Mood Disorders
  • Phobias
  • Low Self Esteem
  • Finding a Healthy Balance in Life
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Dear Tacit...

Survivors of Suicide
Survivors of Suicide

Dear Tacit, I have lost a loved one to suicide, and it has been a struggle.  Could you share some thoughts about how to support the survivors of suicide? Signed:

Supporting Someone Who Is Suicidal
Supporting Someone Who Is Suicidal

Dear Tacit Readers: This article is Part 2 of last week’s response to a reader who asked about how to recognize if someone is suicidal.  I thought it would be

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