2nd Anniversary Edition!
For July 2nd – Anniversary edition
To All of Our Amazing “Dear Tacit” Readers!

This week, we are celebrating the 2nd Year Anniversary of the Dear Tacit segment – Woohoo!  As many might recall, Tacit Knowledge opened our doors 8 years ago, as of this coming September.  And for many of those years, we have been writing Mental Health articles for our wonderful community paper, in one form or another.  This Dear Tacit segment became a weekly regularity in July 2019, thanks to the amazing variety of questions/topics that you have asked us to write about.  So, this week, we wanted to celebrate our Anniversary edition with a quick recap of the themes we have touched upon over this past year:

I’m sure it is not a surprise to anyone that many of the questions sent to us have stemmed around issues relating to COVID.  We talked a lot about effective ways to manage the constant changes, the anxieties (especially for our kids/the school challenges; and over the Holiday season) and the general malaise that has impacted us all over the last 17 months or so.  We shared information about recognizing and coping with Mental Health issues in general.  And we dedicated many weeks of the last year to specific tools and strategies for issues like anger, depression, sadness, anxiety and suicidal feelings.

We also tackled mental wellness from another perspective through discussions about finding and maintaining happiness and growing our resiliency.  Included in these themes were chats about the 4 key daily foundations (sleep, hydration, activity and nutrition) necessary for basic balance; strategies for boosting our helping/happy hormones; and tips and tricks for managing stress and burnout in every aspect of life.  We talked about the importance of finding choice instead of control in situations – of coping with change (beyond COVID) – and how to create the boundaries we need to make life run smoother and healthier, no matter what we are experiencing.

On a more individual level, we also answered questions about dreams; about how to make a proper apology and how to say “sorry” in a way that it is well received; about improving relationships (of all kinds) through the act of validation; and about coping with addiction or over-use coping patterns.  We also discussed the purpose behind date nights and how to make them effective without spending lots of money (or even leaving the house).

There have been so many diverse and unique questions posed to Dear Tacit over this past year.  It is incredibly amazing to see this community of ours tackle Mental Wellness so openly and genuinely.  With great gratitude to La Nouvelle Beaumont News, we are excited to be able to confirm that the Dear Tacit segment will continue to be run in the paper for another year.  It is our privilege and honour to be able to stay on this Mental Health journey with you all.  So please, write in with your questions, comments and dilemmas as often as you can (counsellors@tacitknows.com).   Help us make these DearTacit articles relevant to your needs in every way possible!

Happy Mental Health Beaumont!  Take care!

Have a question? Please feel free to reach out to us at counsellors@tacitknows.com. You answer will be provided confidentially. 

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