Couples Therapy

Tacit Knowledge provides Couples Counselling in both in-person and virtual (online) session formats.  In these sessions, our therapists create an atmosphere of safety for both partners, empathizing with their situation and helping the clients connect more to their own awareness and needs.  By using a variety of therapeutic modalities, our therapists can provide tools/strategies to support both partners in a way that fits well with their personality and lifestyle needs.  The format for Couples Counselling is as follows:  the couple will meet with their therapist together, for the initial Intake session (50 minute session).  Each partner will then meet with the therapist individually (50 minute sessions for each).  And then the couple will come together and see the therapist jointly (usually 70 minute sessions), moving forward.  At times, the therapist may suggest the couples participate in an On-line Assessment, which collects information from both partners separately.  The information gathered from this Assessment equates to 3-4 regular sessions with both partners together.  This Assessment takes about 20 minutes for each partner to complete, and is a time and cost effective way of helping expedite the counselling process.

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