Our Therapist

Kim Silverthorn
B.A., R.P.C., M.P.C.C., C.T.

Kim Silverthorn is a registered Master Practitioner of Clinical Counselling (M.P.C.C.) through the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association (C.P.C.A.).   She is also a registered Counselling Therapist with ACTA – the Association of Counselling Therapy of Alberta.  Kim has an Honours B.A. in Sociology and Crime and Deviance from the University of Toronto; and a Diploma of Applied Counselling and Psychology from Kelowna College.  She comes to Beaumont by way of central Ontario, the Northwest Territories and northern Alberta.

Kim has worked for the past 30 years providing therapeutic supports for individuals and for families.  She offers a broad range of professional development opportunities and training programs for various community groups and agencies.  Kim is the author of the E-Resource Manual “Energizers and Icebreakers”, and she is currently finishing her book “Advice From the Therapist’s Chair”.

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Our Associate Therapist

Cheryl Shea

Cheryl is a Master Practitioner in Clinical Counselling and a Registered Professional Counsellor, with the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association.  She is also a registered Clinical Traumatologist, TITC-CT. She has her Master of Divinity from the Taylor Seminary, in Edmonton, Alberta.  Cheryl has had over 20 years of clinical counselling experience.  She started out by founding a group which focused on helping survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Cheryl’s work expanded over the years and her areas of expertise now include clients who struggle with anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, domestic violence and life transitions. She has helped hundreds of individuals address frustrations and disappointments; compassionately uncover emotional injuries; and use their strengths to build a hope filled future.  Cheryl believes in a collaborative counselling approach – she works with her clients to find real solutions for the struggles faced in life.

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Our Associate Therapist

Teagan Mitchell
B.A., C.Y.C.C.

Teagan is registered with the CYCAA (Child and Youth Care Association of Alberta) and with the Psychologist’s Association of Alberta (PAA) – she is currently completing her Masters of Counselling. She is also registered as a therapist through ACTA (The Association of Counselling Therapists of Alberta).  Teagan has had more than 10 years of clinical experience, and specializes in marginalized populations and complex cases. Her areas of expertise include clients who struggle with addictions, anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, sexuality, domestic violence and relationship issues.

Teagan considers herself to be a holistic practitioner.  She explores the connections between the body, mind, heart, and spirit, helping clients heal by taking the entire human being and their life experiences into consideration, while creating a safe and collaborative therapeutic environment. In her spare time, Teagan can often be found tending to her garden, biking with her kitten, or kayaking with her dog. She is as bright, cheery, and playful, as she is also calming, non-judgemental, and understanding. She loves The Lord of The Rings, slurpees, and tacos, but not necessarily in that order!

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Questions You May Have About Us

If you have never used our counselling services, or counselling services, we know you probably have some questions. We believe this section, along with the rest of the website has the answers you are looking for. However, if cannot find the answers you seek, feel free to reach out to us. 

Tacit Knowledge is a private counselling practice which is based in Beaumont.  Our therapists are physically located in Beaumont, Red Deer and Edmonton, and regularly provide counselling services to people and agencies all across Canada.

Upon request, Tacit is happy to travel to locations all across Canada, as part of the Professional Development/Training options that we also provide.

Our therapists see clients both in-person (at two office locations – one in Beaumont, and one in Edmonton) and virtually (via Zoom).   The client has the choice of either format for any of their sessions – they do not have to just pick one method of therapy and stick with it all of the time.  For example, if the weather is bad or a client is running late for their appointment, they may opt for Zoom sessions, even if they typically see their therapist in-person.

Counselling provides a client with an increased understanding and awareness of self.  Our therapists get to know each client by first understanding the challenges that the client is facing from his/her perspective.  The therapist then helps the client come from a place of confidence and strength as he/she overcomes those challenges in a successful and healthy way.  Counselling is a unique process that is different for every person.  Tacit ensures that the therapeutic supports offered to each client is genuine, empowering, and relative to their own personality, needs and strengths.  We honour our clients for how far they have already come in their journey, and we feel privileged that the client allows us to join them as they continue to move forward through their counselling process. For more information please click HERE.

Individual counselling sessions are 50 minutes in length.  Couples/Family counselling sessions are often 70 minutes long – this provides a little extra time when there is more than one client, in the same session, who will be speaking/sharing.

Confidentiality basically means privacy.  A client may share anything that is discussed in the counselling session, as they feel is best.  But the therapist may not.  The therapist is bound by the laws of confidentiality and may not share any information with any third party, without the client’s written permission; however, there are some legal exceptions to this confidentiality.

Clients can access any financial coverage and/or support benefits that they may be entitled to receive through their employee assistance programs/benefit policy (please inquire with your health insurance provider regarding the details of your coverage).  Any fees for psychological services that not covered by a benefit program may be deducted on a client’s personal income tax return under health care expenses.  Clients who reside in Beaumont can also inquire about their possible eligibility for subsidized counselling supports (offered by Beaumont FCSS – this is an income-based support program).  Tacit also offers a sliding fee schedule (which is also based on income) if clients do not have insurance/employee assistance program coverage.

Tacit Knowledge does offer pro-rated workshop rates for non-profit organizations who request our Professional Development/Training services.

Tacit accepts cash, cheque and etransfer payments for all services provided.  Payment is expected before or immediately after each session.   Invoices are not issued.  Receipts are provided when payment has been processed.  There is a $75 fee for any NSF cheques.  There is also a full payment cancellation fee that applies to any session that is missed/cancelled with less than 2 Tacit business days’ notice prior to the day of the session. For information about rates and fees, please click HERE.

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