Dear Tacit Anniversary Segment
Dear Tacit Anniversary Segment
To All of Our Amazing “Dear Tacit” Readers!

This week is our turn to write a letter to you!  Tacit Knowledge is celebrating the 3rd Year Anniversary of our Dear Tacit segment – Woohoo!  And we want to say thank you – to you all – for your amazing support and encouragement!  As an agency, we opened our doors 9 years ago, offering counselling options, group therapy programs and community workshops geared to a wide variety of mental health topics, for people near and far.  And for many of those years, we have written Mental Health articles for our wonderful community paper, in one form or another.  Over the early years, we started out with a monthly mental health feature which focused on general topics that were prevalent in our community at the time.  This offer of mental wellness information was very well received and initiated a flow of chatter from so many that the Dear Tacit segment was created (in July 2019) to better allow us to respond to the needs being presented.  The community had questions they wanted answered and this weekly segment allowed us to address some very specific issues that required public attention.

This week, we want to celebrate our Anniversary edition with a quick recap of the themes we have touched upon over this past year.  As in years past, most of the questions sent to us stem around three main issues – children’s wellbeing/parenting questions; relationships (both intimate and otherwise); and matters pertaining to personal wellness.

Parents have wanted ideas for how to help their children stay relaxed (after the summer months wrapped up), as school began again; how to create mental health first aid kits for children’s anxiety; how to navigate the holiday season when big family changes were happening; and how to help children cope when they were being exposed to the scary world events going on around them.

People have wanted to know how to feel better about themselves in general, and posed questions about how they could stop being so hard on themselves; how to develop gratitude habits; how to make successful changes in life; how to keep the daily foundations balanced; how to manage exhaustion; how to find the flow for their introverted/extroverted personalities; how to accept compliments; how to deal with procrastination; whether it was possible to unlearn problem patterns and then relearn healthier ways; and how to cope with feeling under-appreciated.

Relating to more specific mental health challenges, readers have opened up and shared their vulnerabilities with regard to the need for strategies relating to OCD tendencies; Body Image issues and Eating Disorders; Seasonal Affective Disorder; Stress; Grounding techniques; Depression; Sleep Disturbance issues; the stimulation of the Vagus Nerve (specifically for Anxiety); and Anger.

We have shared information relating to the process of counselling itself – how to prepare for sessions; what happens after counselling begins; how to help a friend that is in need of some mental health support; and the use of animals for improved mental wellness.  Readers have asked how to improve connections between partners; how to strengthen intimate conversation skills; how to boost the romance factor; how to decide about divorce; how to create date nights (and why they are so important); how to enhance sexual intimacy; and how to successfully repair relationships (of all kinds) damaged by COVID.

And we were especially honoured to have a few different articles in the paper that showcased the Women Supporting Women Mental Wellness Campaign that we ran in January, in partnership with Chartier, The Painted Door On Main; Soul House Sweets and Beaumont Sports and Injury Physiotherapy.

There have been so many diverse and unique questions posed to Dear Tacit over this past year.  It is incredibly amazing to see this community of ours tackle Mental Wellness so openly and genuinely.  With great gratitude to La Nouvelle Beaumont News, we are excited to be able to confirm that the Dear Tacit segment will continue to be run in the paper for another year.  It is our privilege and honour to be able to stay on this Mental Health journey with you all.  So please, write in with your questions, comments and dilemmas as often as you can (   Help us make these Dear Tacit articles relevant to your needs in every way possible!

Happy Mental Health Beaumont!

Take care!

Have a question? Please feel free to reach out to us at You answer will be provided confidentially. 

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