How Counselling Works

How Counselling Works

Counselling is a unique process that is different for every person.  Tacit ensures that the therapeutic supports offered to you are genuine, empowering, and relative to your own personality, needs and strengths.  We honour you for how far you have already come in your journey, and we feel privileged that you will allow us to join you as you continue to move forward through your counselling process.

Our highly qualified and experienced therapists provide individual, couples and family counselling supports as well as psycho-educational group programming, addressing mental health issues on a personal level.  Counselling is a supportive, helping process which assists people of all ages and backgrounds as they address, in a safe and confidential environment, the various problems or issues that present challenges in their lives.  Counselling focuses on the emotional and intellectual experiences of a person – this support helps a person navigate their feelings and thoughts about a specific situation that has developed.  It is this process that allows a person to develop a strong and capable sense of mental well-being.

Clients can access counselling sessions in the afternoons and evenings (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) and on Saturday afternoons.  Our professional development workshops are available during week days and on weekends, depending upon the need.

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