Individual Counselling and Therapy Services

Individual counselling is a supportive, helping process which assists people of all ages and backgrounds as they address, in a safe and confidential environment, the various problems or issues that present challenges in their lives.  Counselling focuses on the emotional and intellectual experiences of a person – it helps a person navigate their feelings and thoughts about a specific situation that has developed.  It is the process that allows a person to develop their own strong and capable sense of mental wellbeing.

There is no pre-determined number of sessions that works best for every client embarking on their therapeutic journey – some people find comfort and increased self-awareness after just a few sessions, while others prefer to participate in a counselling process that lasts a few months or longer.

Most clients begin the counselling process by attending the first few sessions on a weekly basis – there is usually a lot that needs to be shared by the client when they first begin, and these initial sessions allow the therapist and the client to truly get to know one another.  As the weeks pass, it is common for sessions to lessen in frequency.  Clients may participate in counselling every few weeks instead – this allows a client the opportunity to apply the learning they are gaining through their counselling sessions in their real life, every day circumstances.  After a client feels they have completed their counselling process, he/she might also find it beneficial to touchbase with the therapist again months later, with a session or two designed as a refresher or for some updating support.

The client will be the one who determines how long their therapeutic journey will last – this will depend on the goals the client wishes to achieve.  The client has the right to end their counselling process at any time.  It is most beneficial if the therapist knows when the client feels ready to end the counselling process so there can be an appropriate closing session completed, to help the client summarize everything that has been accomplished.

On-line Therapy Options (also known as Telepsychology or E-Therapy Sessions): No Stress – No Travel Time – More Comfort

It can be a challenge to find the time to fit counselling into your weekly schedule – and if you are looking for couples counselling, you have just doubled the scheduling headaches that need to be overcome! Trying to coordinate work priorities, the kids activities, household chores, social outings, bedtime routines, and most people’s dislike of needing to leave the house once they have arrived home at the end of the day can be too much – our counselling needs get shifted to the bottom of the to-do list. Sometimes, it can take us months or even years to be able to juggle things in such a way that our own mental health and relationship needs can become our priority.

On-line Therapy (video conferencing) helps alleviate most of these hassles, and allows people to participate in the counselling supports they need much easier and much faster. On Line Therapy works well for both individual and couples therapy – you can relax in your own home, and attend your counselling sessions from the comfort of your bedroom or living rooms, while you are wearing stretchy pants and sweat shirts Sessions seem shorter because there is no need for travel time.

On-line Therapy is not always the best fit for everyone – we will determine together if it is the right option for your needs during our Initial Intake session. Tacit Knowledge uses the Zoom paid platform – this is an encrypted site, and is PIPEDA/PHIPPA compliant. You will be provided with a free link to the session meeting room – there is no cost to you for this service.

To participate in On-line Therapy, you will need a computer or a laptop or an iPad with video/audio capabilities – and a strong internet connection. You will also need a quiet, private room in which we will meet (free of pet, partner or children distractions). You will need to download the Zoom app/program to your device before your sessions begin.

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