Workshops/Group Programs

Clients can access mental health workshops in the afternoons and evenings (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) and on Saturday afternoons.  Our mental health workshops are available during week days and on weekends, depending upon the need.

Clients are responsible for the process associated with accessing any financial coverage and support benefits that they may be entitled to receive through their employers – please inquire with your health insurance provider regarding the details of your coverage.  Fees for psychological services not covered by a benefit program may be deducted on your personal income tax return under health care expenses.

Clients can inquire about eligibility for subsidized counselling supports (offered by Beaumont FCSS).  Tacit also offers a sliding fee schedule (which is based on income) if clients do not have insurance/employee assistance program coverage.

Tacit Knowledge offers pro-rated workshop rates for non-profit organizations who request our professional development/training services.