Neurofeedback Therapy/Brain Training

Do you worry about the same things, over and over again?  Are you having issues with your sleep or your level of motivation?  Are you finding it difficult to stay on task or get things done?  Are you feeling moody (anxious, depressed, easily irritated, stressed) – are your relationships suffering – is your overall performance lacking?

Dynamical Neurofeedback® Therapy/Brain Training (NFT) is a non-invasive procedure which provides the brain with an opportunity to train itself differently.  It helps the brain learn how to be flexible and resilient again.  It helps a person make decisions effortlessly and without concern.  It improves sleep – it increases focus and memory – it enhances energy.  It regulates mood and increases overall happiness by helping a person find their balance.  Clients who use this Neurofeedback Training report that they feel more compassion/empathy (and are less obsessive and compulsive); they are more patient and less reactive; and they feel they can roll with life’s “punches” much better.

Sessions are typically 50 min in length (unless they are combined with Talk Therapy support – in which case they are 70 minutes in length). When you first arrive, your therapist will greet you and there will be some small talk. You will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire. And then you will be hooked up to the Neurofeedback Training equipment and left alone for about 33 min.  You will listen to some music and you can watch fractal imagery on the monitor (if you wish) – you can read through your session, or just sit and relax (many clients fall asleep).

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